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Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Dog - Friends at First Sight

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Off Leash - Dog Park Locator

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Eukanuba OFF LEASH is the first application that helps you find an off leash dog park near you. Use the Locate Me feature on your iPhone or enter your zip to find the fun. It can pinpoint the 5 parks closest to you.*

Keep this application on your phone if you are a dog owner, or know someone who is. That way, when traveling with your dog, you can take them to the closest park that doesn't require a leash.

Visit the Eukanuba website.

Cat-Mew Machine, 1963 & Dog Restrainer, 1940

I guess this is for people that are allergic to cats! :) In case you can't read the small print:

"This mechanical cat can meow ten times a minute and the eyes light up each time. The device for scaring rats and mice is from Japan and is powered by a two-watt motor."

Man! I am SO glad someone invented leashes!

See the rest of the list (they are funny but not pet related).

More Than 1,000 Animals Saved From Home

HOUSTON - Hundreds upon hundreds of animals are confiscated from a home in northwest Harris County.

The Houston SPCA tells FOX 26 this is a seizure that could set records.

"We're actually in the process," said Meera Nandlal, "of probably one of the biggest animal rescues in the history of the U.S. We have well over a thousand animals now that we've taken from this home."

The final tally? 1045 animals, including a pony, puppies, chickens, parakeets, ducks, gerbils and snakes.

"The conditions are horrific," said Nandlal. "There's lots of trash. They're unsanitary."

The owners told the SPCA the animals were to be sold at flea markets.

They were not immediately arrested or charged, according to a Precinct 1 Constable's investigator. The District Attorney's office will determine whether charges are filed, once the animals' conditions have been documented.

Within ten days, a judge will set a hearing to determine custody of all the animals.

Courtesy of Fox News Houston

Updated: Thursday, 24 Sep 2009, 3:28 PM CDT
Published : Wednesday, 23 Sep 2009, 7:38 PM CDT


Do you find it outrageous?

Take a minute and a half of your time and watch this video, it’s thought provoking and touching. It will bring tears to your eyes without words. It’s different than most anything you’ve seem but the message is so powerful. Then you need to share this,…
Do You Find It Outrageous? VIDEO –

Howard's Big Dig

This is such a cute video! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Rabbit Match

I just ran across this site tonight. I think it is SO cool to have a "shelter" for just rabbits! Here is a little bit about the organization! Also - make sure you check out their rabbits that are available for adoption!

" is a 501c3-pending group of volunteers whose passion is finding abandoned Los Angeles rabbits loving, indoor homes

Our wonderful rabbits enjoy human company, are all spayed/neutered, litterbox trained and looking for rabbit-friendly indoor homes. is available for adoption or fostering inquiries, quality rabbit information or just to talk 'rabbits'.

Volunteers and/ or donations are warmly welcomed."

There are several ways you can support their work, here's how:
Contact them with any questions you might have.

Visit their website.

My Dream

Pool Shark Dog

Snuggies for Dogs

Petey's New Friend

This last week we went to Washington to be with our family. It was a sudden trip and we realized that the small little town that we live in does not have boarding for dogs. So we took Petey with us on the 25 hour drive to Olympia, Washington.

We were a little nervous about Petey being around other dogs since he was never given the chance to socialize with them prior to us adopting him. We knew that the family members house that we were going to had a male dog named Bronco. So we just figured we would keep Petey with us.

The gal of the house decided that Petey and Bronco needed to become friends. So we agreed to try it out and see what happened. Bronco is a pretty submissive dog, we learned that day, untill the gal was in between the two of them and then Bronco felt he needed to protect.

So the gal went inside and we proceeded to introduce them. There was a lot of sniffing, nudging, more sniffing and a little barking. But it seemed to go well. So we gave them a rest for a while and then did that again a few hours later. We took it slowly, made sure they were comfortable and then gave them more room to explore. Within the next couple of days they had done really well with their "greeting" their walking next to each other, a little playing while on leashes, and so on. So the gal of the house thought it would be a great idea for them to be off leash and to be "just dogs" with out us hovering.

Nervous doesn't even begin to describe how we felt but we thought it was an idea worth exploring. So one evening we got home and no one was there. Just me and the hubby with the two dogs. So this was a good time to try. After they were done with their greeting, we let them both off of their leashes. They took off after each other like they were playing a game of tag. It was awesome! They ran around, wrestled a little, play bowed, and did more sniffing. Tails wagging the whole time! It was so much fun to see! Petey was so excited to have a friend!

We started playing fetch with them and Petey would run after the ball and fetch it and Bronco would just run after Petey - like they were playing "keep away"! The hubby and I were so amazed that they were having such a great time together. That night, when we all went to bed, Petey slept in our room and Bronco slept outside the bedroom door just waiting for Petey to come back out and play. I can't even imagine the trouble those two could have gotten in to if we left them to play together all night :).

Bad Rap

I personally love the organization Bad Rap! They have done SO much for Pit Bulls! You may remember them by all of the work they did to rescue and rehabilitate the Michael Vick dogs.

Bad Rap Adoption page

Bad Rap is currently having a fundraiser to build a Safety Net for the dogs. Please check out the details here and donate if you can!

Having an American Staffordshire Terrier (AMSTAFF) of my own, I don't think I could get any other dog. Not that I don't like other dogs, but I just have a special place in my heart for Pit Bulls. About 3.5 years ago our first AMSTAFF passed away at the age of 15. She was out of this world! Loved everyone! Cuddled with rabbits and cats and loved belly rubs. And she always made us laugh! Her favorite toy was a bowling ball! I still miss her.

Recently we adopted another AMSTAFF from a family member that rescued him from the streets. He was living in a bamboo thicket at the end of the street. At only 2 years old, he was left out to fend for himself. He quickly fell in love with our family, and we quickly fell in love with him. We wanted to take him home with us to where we lived in Colorado, but because of breed restrictions, we were not able to. So our family kept him with them until we moved. In June of this year, we moved to a little town in Nebraska, and Petey was flown here to live with us. He is such an awesome dude! He is about 6 years old now. We take him out in the nearby fields to run and play. He is not quite sure how to fetch yet. We do most of the running :) But he has fun just-the-same. We recently entered him into the Cutest Dog Contest and took him to Sturgis to campaign. We made posters, buttons, his own website, etc. He met so many people that weekend and he did great! We gave away buttons by the dozens and he posed for numerous pictures. I think one of my favorite parts of the weekend was that nobody was scared of him because of his breed. We talked to many people that have pit bulls of their own. It is a weekend I will never forget!

Being Crafty

I had so much fun today crafting with my friend Bec. We made notepads and post-it note pads. I made the brown & pink one for my mom and the frog & lilypad one for my friend Joan. Bec made the cherry one for me! I am not that good at scrapbooking, stamping, and card making...unless it involves my computer. So this was fun to try something new. Bec has so many stamps, papers, markers, paper punches, etc. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I go over there! I am looking forward to trying journal making next time we get together!

Hanging Out with the Kids

Oh, today was fun! I got to hang out with the goats that were visiting from another farm. They have so much personality! They love getting their picture taken and being pet. The girls have long eyelashes and are very feminine looking.

View more pictures of the kids

Kitties on the Farm

Living in a rural area now has been quite a change for me as far as peoples pets. I always grew up with cat’s as indoor animals. But out here in Nebraska, it seems that most of the cats are outside pets. Many of my friends have cats that just roam the farm, barns and land. They reproduce almost every 6 months, but the population never seems to grow out of control, mainly due to the coyote, owl, and wild animal population. For that reason alone, my kitties will always be inside cats.