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Eukanuba OFF LEASH is the first application that helps you find an off leash dog park near you. Use the Locate Me feature on your iPhone or enter your zip to find the fun. It can pinpoint the 5 parks closest to you.*

Keep this application on your phone if you are a dog owner, or know someone who is. That way, when traveling with your dog, you can take them to the closest park that doesn't require a leash.

Visit the Eukanuba website.

Cat-Mew Machine, 1963 & Dog Restrainer, 1940

I guess this is for people that are allergic to cats! :) In case you can't read the small print:

"This mechanical cat can meow ten times a minute and the eyes light up each time. The device for scaring rats and mice is from Japan and is powered by a two-watt motor."

Man! I am SO glad someone invented leashes!

See the rest of the list (they are funny but not pet related).